What Were Napoleon’s Major Accomplishments?

Napoleon Bonaparte was the first Emperor of France. His career as a military leader and political leader led to a number of major accomplishments that benefited France and directly affected the balance of power in Europe. His accomplishments included reforms in politics, domestic affairs, religion and the military.

Napoleon’s achievements brought a brief period of stability after the violent revolution that brought an end to the French monarchy. He used his power to reinstate Roman Catholicism as the official religion of France.

Although the country had a national religion, he introduced the Napoleonic Code, which allowed for religious freedom in the country. The code additionally established that it was illegal to give privileges simply based on birth and that only the most qualified citizens would be able to work for the government.

Napoleon used his youth and energy to rebuild the spirits of the dejected French army. He was able to win significant victories over Austria and led efforts to weaken Great Britain’s interests in the Middle East. These exploits against France’s main enemies made him very popular with the military and the French people.

Napoleon also passed the first Constitution of France as the country’s First Consul. As First Consul, he placed his allies in all the major positions of government, which ensured the passage of the constitution.