What Were Some Mayan Achievements?

were-mayan-achievements Credit: Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The building of temples and great cities without modern machinery, using astronomy to predict astrological cycles and plant crops and using their language to communicate and measure time are some of the Mayans most notable achievements. During a 600-year period of time, which was from 300 A.D. until 900 A.D., the Mayans made many great achievements in science, communications, engineering and agriculture.

The Mayans used their great understanding of astronomy to create calendars that are as accurate as calendars used in the 21st century. They managed to build large temples and cities with only basic tools and manpower while also using minerals, such as mica, to create paints that are still used used in art and other technology today. The Mayans were also responsible for developing a written language that consisted of 8,000 symbols or glyphs.