What Were the Major Accomplishments of Patrick Henry?

Patrick Henry was one of the founding fathers of the United States and a driving force in the American Revolution. At the Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774, he joined with Sam Adams to push for staunch opposition to British rule. Later, he became the governor of Virginia.

As a lawyer and powerful orator, Henry had been chosen as a delegate to the Continental Congress. Having spoken out against British rule on several occasions, he was a known supporter of the Revolution. He vehemently opposed the Stamp Act, a measure that allowed Britain to tax all printed paper used by the colonists.

Just nine days after being sworn in to the House of Burgesses, the legislative body of the Virginia colony, he introduced the Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions, which claimed that the colonies had the exclusive right to tax their citizens. The boldness of Henry's resolutions caused some assemblymen to accuse him of treason, but Henry did not back down. He had his resolutions copied and passed around to other colonies, fanning the flames of rebellion against Britain.

In 1775, Henry uttered his famous speech involving liberty or death at the Virginia Convention. The American Revolution began shortly after this speech.