What Were the Major Accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr.?


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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was known for his civil rights accomplishments throughout his lifetime. The Baptist preacher was best known for his moving speeches, including the "I Have a Dream" speech he gave before an estimated 250,000 people gathered on the mall in Washington, D.C. in 1963. In 1964, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was well-known as someone who led the fight for civil rights. One of his most famous accomplishments in this vein was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott began on the same day as civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was arrested for not moving to the back of the bus she was riding on. The boycott lasted more than a year, and Dr. King faced threats to his life during the year-long protest. The boycott is credited, according to BlackEnterprise.com, with helping to get the Supreme Court to rule in 1965 that segregation on buses violated the constitution.

Although not on the level of winning the Nobel Prize in terms of notoriety, one of Dr. King's biggest accomplishments was becoming the leader of his church. In 1954 at the age of 25, Dr. King became the pastor at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.

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