What Were the Major Accomplishments of the Incas?

De Agostini / A. Dagli Orti/De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images

Some of the major accomplishments of the Incas included their inventions, such as the flute, drum and Inca calendar. Culturally, Incas were also adept in creating pottery and cloth, and politically they are known for integrating imperial policies with ethnic diversity, which was way ahead of its time.

Other inventions that the Inca people are known for include the building of aqueducts, the creation of freeze-dried foods and the invention of the quipus. A quipus was an item that had different colored strings knotted to a main string. The color differences and length differences between the knots told a story, similar to reading a book. In order to read the quipus to others, one had to be a specially trained quipus reader.

The Inca calendar is not as famous as the Mayan calendar, but it was important to the Incas nonetheless. It was known as a Tower, and the Incas were very concerned with time due to religious reasons. Incas also used a stone calculator they had created, in order to perform math functions, and studied astronomy and the stars. Agriculturally, Incas were very successful, which was due in part to their fascination with astronomy. Some of their architecture was constructed with the sun in mind so that they would know when to plant crops.