What Were Madame C.J. Walker's Inventions?

Madam C.J.Walker invented her own line of unique hair care products, which included Madam Walker's Original Hair Grower, Glossine, Vegetable Shampoo, Temple Salve and Tetter Salve. These five products formed the basis for the Walker System, which was sold primarily to African Americans.

Madam Walker created her products as a means of combating dandruff and scalp disease. Her products were designed to cleanse hair and heal the scalp. Walker was inspired by her own difficulties with hair loss.

To cure her scalp problems, Madam Walker experimented with various formulas and methods to grow hair quickly. She claimed to have come up with her successful formula in a dream. In her day, there were few hair care products for African American women. Madam Walker aggressively marketed and sold her products in the south, which spurred the success of her company. She also ran a beauty school that trained hair culturists.