What Were King Tut's Major Accomplishments?

Some of King Tutankhamun's major accomplishments during his reign over Egypt involved reversing most of the policies that his father, King Akhenaten, had set. Most noticeably, Tutankhamun's regents reversed the decree of worshipping only Aten in favor of returning to the traditional polytheistic belief in multiple Egyptian gods.

King Tutankhamun also moved the location of the royal court back to the city of Thebes and attempted to diplomatically restore political relations with neighboring countries. His success in foreign policy was successful to a degree, but conflict still broke out between Egypt and the Nubians and Asiatics over certain trade routes and territories. During Tutankhamun's 10-year reign as the king of Egypt, his civil achievements included the restoration of ancient holy sites as well as the complete construction of the red granite lions at Soleb.

Tutankhamun became the king of Egypt around 1332 B.C. at the age of 9. The reign of his father before him was marked by a clear neglect on both foreign and domestic affairs. Egyptian society was also in a state of chaos due to the enforcement of the policy of Aten monotheism. Tutankhamun died at the age of 19 and did not have a child to succeed him as an heir.