What Were Some of King Tut’s Greatest Achievements?

Martin Child/Photographer’s Choice RF/Getty Images

Some of King Tut’s greatest achievements were ending the Amarna Revolution and restoring traditional Egyptian religion, states Biography.com. At 9 years old, King Tut became the 12th king of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty.

King Tut, originally named Tutankhamun, was born circa 1341 BCE. His father, Akhenaten, was pharaoh of Egypt and had forbidden the worship of many gods. Akhenaten only favored the worshiping of one god, Aten. According to Biography.com, it seemed his intent was to reduce the power of the priests and shift the economy to a new regime run by military commanders and local government administrators.

After Akhenaten’s reign came to an end, King Tut became the new pharaoh. King Tut’s reign only lasted around 10 years, and he disappeared from history until his tomb was discovered in 1922. Over the years, studies have discovered King Tut broke his leg, developing an infection, and that he had malaria. However, the cause of King Tut’s death remains a mystery. Howard Carter, a British archaeologist, and George Herbert discovered the tomb, a fact which garnered worldwide news coverage. The discovery of King Tut sparked a renewed interest in ancient Egyptian history, both in popular culture and history museums around the world.