Who Were the Jumano Indians?

The Jumano Indians were a group of Indians who were made up of at least three different tribes of Indians. The name Jumano was used to describe the Indians who were found on the plains and in the southwest from the 1500s to the 1700s.

The Jumano Indians spread out from the middle of Mexico to the northern parts of Texas, but they were most prominent in the central areas of Texas. They were hunters and gatherers and mainly relied on buffalo meat for food. The Jumano traded for different products between the tribes that made up the group, but they also traded with settlers and people who were traveling through the areas they inhabited.

The Jumano were instrumental in the settling of the colonies of both Texas and Mexico. They worked as middlemen between the people who were settling in the areas and the other tribes in the area. They were a somewhat peaceful group and were more interested in what they could trade with the new people who were coming to their area than they were with doing harm to them. After helping settlers and other tribes, the majority of the Jumano tribes virtually disappeared in the late 1700s.