What Were Jawaharlal Nehru's Achievements?

Nehru had a long list of accomplishments including becoming India's first Prime Minister and his work to make India a independent republic. The road to independence for India was not easy for Nehru, as he was jailed numerous times for speaking out on his beliefs and those beliefs of others in the freedom movement, like Gandhi. The freedom of his country was so important to him that he never finished his qualifying exams to become a barrister after his studies in England.

Prior to becoming the Prime Minister, Nehru became involved in Gandhi's civil disobedience movement and was voted in as general secretary of the All-India Congress Committee. Once India gained its independence, Nehru was voted in as Prime Minster in 1947 and continued to hold the post until his death 1964.

Nehru's work in India spread far and wide, influencing such people as Martin Luther King, Jr. During the Prime Minister's rule, he worked to make the new government and its law work for all people. Much of his work was aimed toward easing religious tensions in the country. Along with this, Nehru promoted and encouraged an environment that welcomed all races and challenged the caste system that was in place in the country.