Who Were Some Influential People Throughout Black History?

Who Were Some Influential People Throughout Black History?

Influential people in black history include Percy Julian, Maya Angelou, George Washington Carver and Frederick Douglass. Areas of black history that are most often celebrated are science, entertainment, education and civil rights.

Percy Julian's significant scientific contributions include the research and development of synthetic compounds. His work lead to advancements in health care and science that were used throughout the 20th century and continue today.

One of the most popular figures in black history of modern times is Maya Angelou, a writer and performer who introduced new ways of tackling the cultural, political and literary areas of society. Angelou is also known for her steadfast involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

George Washington Carver is known for his contributions to both education and science. One of the most decorated scientists in U. S. history, Carver made groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in agriculture, creating methods that allowed farmers to thrive.

The most notable figure in civil rights black history of the 1800s is Frederick Douglass. Douglass fought for the abolishment of slavery, and was also an accomplished writer and speaker. After publishing his autobiography in 1845, Douglass was accused of having a ghost writer for the best-seller, with critics arguing that a black man could not have written so eloquently.