What Were Important Inventions of the Sumerians?

The Sumerians came up with the concept of 60-second minutes, 60-minute hours and 24-hour days; Sumerians founded the first schools, and they created the first wheeled vehicles, toys for children and the idea of the 360-degree circle. Sumerians also developed the first system of writing and writing implements.

Sumer was located in the area of modern-day Kuwait and Iraq. Prior to 4500 BCE, this region was inhabited by the Ubaid people who are known as the first people to form a civilization in the region. Although the Ubaid people were technologically advanced for their time, Sumerians showed more ingenuity and skill. Many concepts invented by the Sumerians are still widely used today.

The Sumerians’ gifts to humankind also include developing irrigation in agriculture, domestication of animals, and siege warfare concept. The Sumerian system of numbers was also a first.

The invention of the wheel is among Sumer’s most important contributions to the development of society, since it allowed for a host of innovations, up to and including the modern automobile.

Sumerians also made advances in mathematics, with knowledge of multiplication, subtractions, division and addition. Sumerians used math to keep track of building projects. Although scientists are not sure, there is some evidence that Sumerians came up with the concepts that eventually were written down to become the Pythagorean theorem.