Who Were Some of the First Jamestown Settlers?


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Jamestown was first settled by 104 English males, among whom were Captain John Smith, Captain John Ratcliffe, Master Edward Maria Wingfield and Captain George Kendall. Other settlers included gentlemen such as Anthony Gosnold and George Martin, blacksmith James Read, barber Thomas Couper, preacher Master Robert Hunt and mason Edward Brinto. There were also a number of laborers and carpenters.

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Jamestown was settled on May 14, 1607. A few weeks later, 200 Native Americans attacked the settlement. Despite the two dead and a dozen wounded men, the settlers remained, building James Fort to protect from harassment. Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, the leader of the settlement, died three months after the settlers landed in North America, followed by about 50 more people.

The settlers entered a period of little food, partially due to a lack of farmers among the settlers and conflict with the native Algonquian population. During one of John Smith's expeditions to find food, he's captured by the natives and meets Pocahontas, who later saves his life. A supply ship along with more settlers and two women arrive in 1608.

After John Smith is injured and returns to England in 1609, communication breaks down between the settlers, and the natives and the settlers nearly starve, surviving on rats, snakes and horses. Only 60 settlers survive to meet the supply ships in the spring of 1610.

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