Who Were Some Filipino Mathematicians?

A number of famous Filipino mathematicians contribute to the sciences in significant ways, according to Cebu-Phillipines.net. These mathematicians, including Raymundo Favila, Casimiro del Rosario, Amador Muriel, Tito A. Mijares and Jose A. Marasigan, have influenced the diverse fields of physics, astronomy, biophysics and biotechnology.

One Filipino mathematician is Dr. Raymundo Favila. He is famous for advancing the knowledge and education of math throughout the Philippines. He has contributed to many fields of mathematics including theoretical physics, geometry, algebra and trigonometry.

Mathematician Casimiro del Rosario was given the Presidential Award in 1965 in honor of his achievements in astronomy, meteorology and physics. He also researched soft X-rays, which helped bring him national acclaim.

Amador Muriel, who founded the Quantum Theory of Turbulence, contributed to theoretical physics, kinetic equations, stellar dynamics and self-gravitation.

Tito A. Mijares has been internationally published in the Annals of Mathematical Statistics with his research into multivariety hypothesis and its analysis. He also serves as the executive director of the National Census and Statistics Office as well as deputy director-general of the National Economics Development Authority.

Jose A. Marasigan helped launch the Philippine Mathematical Olympiad and created the Program for Excellence in Mathematics. He has received a number of mathematical honors, including the Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the National Academy of Science and Technology.