Who Were Some Famous Hispanic Inventors?

Some famous Hispanic inventors include Ladislao Jose Biro, Dr. Raul Cuero, Ileana Sanchez, Dr. Luis Von Ahn, Jose Rodriguez Labandera Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Albert Vincio Baez, the Uruguay 1924 Olympic Soccer Team and Santiago Ramon y Cajal, according to The Nobel Prize website and the State of Illinois website. The Uruguay 1924 Olympic Soccer Team are remembered for inventing the "victory lap," where teams take a lap around the field, course or track after winning.

Santiago Ramon y Cajal is remembered for his work on the structure of the nervous system. He invented many new ways of studying the nervous system and has been awarded many different prizes including the Helmholtz Medal in 1905 and the Nobel Prize in 1906. Ladislao Jose Biro invented the ballpoint pen while Ileana Sanchez invented Braille art books. The early submarine was invented by Jose Rodriguez Labandera.

Another Hispanic inventor is Dr. Ellen Ocha. She is a well remembered inventor because she was the first Hispanic female astronaut chosen by NASA. She invented on the job including developing new flight software, robotics and computer hardware. She was able to invent and create new technological developments in part due to her engineering background. She was awarded NASA's Exceptional Service Medal for her work in 1997. A Mexican-American Hispanic man, Albert Vinicio Baez, invented the first X-ray microscope.