Who Were Some Famous Brigadier Generals?

Who Were Some Famous Brigadier Generals?

Famous brigadier generals include Franklin Pierce, Andrew Jackson, William T. Sherman and Joseph Hooker. George G. Meade, James Wilkinson and Rufus Putnam were also famous brigadier generals in U.S history.

Franklin Pierce was the 14th President of the United States. Prior to that, he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in 1847, during the Mexican-American War. During the Battle of Contreras, Pierce was injured during a charge. He also helped to negotiate an armistice towards the end of the war.

Andrew Jackson was the seventh U.S. President. He was promoted to the rank of brigadier general while commander of the Tennessee militia in 1801. Under that leadership, he commanded soldiers during the War of 1812 and in numerous battles with the Native Americans.

William T. Sherman is one of the most famous brigadier generals of the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln promoted him to brigadier general in 1861 after Sherman distinguished himself at the First Battle of Bull Run. He went on to lead a famous "march to the sea" that included many major Confederate defeats.

Joseph Hooker received his appointment as brigadier general in 1861. He led part of the Union Army, participating in seminal battles such as the Battle of Chancellorsville and the Battle of Chattanooga. His nickname was "Fighting Joe" Hooker, and after the war, led the funeral procession for Abraham Lincoln.