Who Were Some English Inventors During the Industrial Revolution?


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Henry Bessemer, George Stephenson, John Kay and Edmund Cartwright were just some of the many inventors of England's industrial revolution, during the 18th and 19th centuries. Inventions during this crucial time allowed industry to function more efficiently and produce more goods. England was a particularly important country during this period.

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Henry Bessemer patented a process that allowed steel to be produced quickly and cheaply in 1855. This invention was particularly relevant in the development of skyscrapers, which use many tons of steel in their structures.

George Stephenson was a key figure in the development of the railways. His steam locomotive made it possible to transport huge amounts of goods across long ranges and was the first step in the development of the extensive railway system.

In 1733, John Kay invented the flying shuttle, which was an improvement on the looms that were used to weave material. By using a series of bobbins, Kay's machine was able to make the job of two people possible with a single weaver.

Edmund Cartwright further improved the method of weaving by inventing the power loom. This loom used a steam engine to power it and allowed the weaving process to be done mechanically, without the need for a specialist weaver.

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