What Were Some Different Types of American Indian Homes?


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Some different types of Native American homes are wigwams, tepees and chickees. Nomadic tribes developed dwellings that were highly mobile while other tribes developed dwellings that were more permanent.

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Algonquin tribes built wigwams that consisted of wooden frames covered with woven mats and tree barks. They were rectangular, round or cone-shaped dwellings used for several months at a time. They were not portable but were relatively easy to rebuild.

Tepees were temporary, cone-shaped dwellings consisting of a central post and frame covered by buffalo hides. These dwellings were easily transported and set up to house nomadic Plains tribes as they hunted migrating herds of buffalo.

Florida tribes such as the Seminoles built chickee huts, which consisted of thick wooden poles with thatched roofs and floors that were elevated a few feet above the ground. These dwellings had open sides for ventilation that were covered with animal skin tarps during storms.

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