What Were Desert Storm Trading Cards?


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Desert Storm trading cards feature notable people and equipment from the Persian Gulf War, which lasted from Aug. 2, 1990 to Feb. 28, 1991. They were produced in the United States by various companies.

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The first set of Persian Gulf trading cards consisted of 88 cards and 22 stickers. It was produced in 1991 by the Topps company. Each package contained nine cards and one sticker at a price of 50 cents. The Pro set was published shortly after the Topps set and included 250 cards. They were sold in individual packages containing 10 cards. Additionally, Pacific Trading Cards produced a set of 110 cards, and Crowd Sports Cards created a set of nine caricatures.

The cards were very popular among both typical and atypical card collectors and sold very quickly. Some companies pledged to donate a percentage of profits made from card sales to charitable causes associated with Desert Storm. These included children of Desert Storm veterans and the United Service Organization.

Each series of sets has come under criticism for one reason or another. Topps was criticized for including incorrect information on its cards. According to Wikipedia, many reporters and politicians also criticized the cards for trivializing war and "Arab-bashing."

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