How Were Charter Colonies Governed?

A king governed all of the charter colonies in the same way that the British king governed the American charter colonies. The goal of a charter colony was to nurture it and to help it grow in order to increase the amount of wealth that the mother country could accumulate.

The idea was, at the time, that colonies existed as a means of creating additional wealth for the mother country following the mercantilism system. The king would control the taxation and the trade in the colonies. However, it proved difficult to regulate the taxation with the American colonies so the king allowed the colonies to levy the tax while the king focused on controlling trade.

Many colonies, however, were not happy with this arrangement of government and wanted to rule themselves. Once again, the British king and the American colonists are an example of this rule. The colonies rebelled against the king and in 1776 created their own constitution to govern themselves. They felt especially ready to break away from their mother country because they did not identify themselves with Britain thanks to the large ocean between them. They also felt that it would take the British king a long time to send enough troops to fight them in war.