What Were the Causes of the Glorious Revolution?


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The Glorious Revolution was a political coup that took place in Great Britain during the mid-17th century; the main cause of this conflict was growing Protestant concern over King James II's strict adherence to his Catholic faith. This conflict is also known as the Revolution of 1688, and it resulted in the solidification of Parliament's power over the monarch and the Catholic King James II being replaced by his daughter, the Protestant Queen Mary, and her husband King William III. Although this was a political conflict that resulted in the deposition of a ruling monarch, it was a relatively peaceful transition in military terms, resulting in little bloodshed.

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Although the Glorious Revolution ended with King James II being replaced by a monarch of his own bloodline and his removal from power didn't result from a violent military conflict, the revolution does represent a foreign invasion of sorts. King William III, Mary's husband and King James II's son-in-law, was a member of the Dutch aristocracy and was known as William of Orange before he took the throne in England. Although the revolution may be referred to as the Bloodless Revolution, Ireland and Scotland responded with force, which led to further revolutionary conflict and much more bloodshed in those two areas.

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