Where Were the Blackfoot Indians Located?

were-blackfoot-indians-located Credit: John E Marriott/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

The original territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy was a wide swath of land reaching from Canada's North Saskatchewan River to the Missouri River in Montana. The Confederacy consisted of four tribal groups: the North and South Piegan, the Blood and the Siksika.

These groups were close-knit both culturally and linguistically. They made many marriage and treaty agreements and often met for ceremonial purposes.The Blackfoot Confederacy later made a home of the Northern Plains territory between the Saskatchewan and the Rocky Mountains, having been forced westward by a fierce enemy tribe called the Cree. Like many other Plains tribes, they relied mostly on buffalo, deer and small game that could be snared. A nomadic people, they moved seasonally to follow the buffalo herds.