What Were Benito Mussolini's Goals for Italy?

were-benito-mussolini-s-goals-italy Credit: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone/Getty Images

Benito Mussolini's main political goal was to create a dictatorship in which he had absolute power. He sought to improve Italy's relatively weak economy in addition to having designs on creating a new Roman empire.

Mussolini was key in establishing fascism as a political ideology and aimed for a nationalist, authoritarian state in which he held absolute power. After the National Fascist Party rose to prominence and Mussolini took over as prime minister in 1922, he accomplished this by passing a series of laws altering the country's constitution, abolishing Parliamentary elections and preventing himself from being removed from power except by decree of the king.

Italy's economy was weak relative to much of Europe at the time, so Mussolini focused heavily on improving it through a series of government programs. The Battle for Land was an effort to repurpose marshland for farming and roads. The Battle for Grain emphasized growing grain at the expense of other types of crops to improve trade. The Battle of the Lira was an effort to restore the purchasing power of the nation's currency, mostly by way of inflation. These efforts had very mixed results and tended to disproportionately benefit the wealthy of the country.