What Were Andrew Jackson's Hobbies?

Andrew Jackson's favorite hobby was horse racing and horse breeding. He owned many race horses over his life and raced them often in his days before and after becoming president. He also raised gamecocks and entered his birds in the cockfights around Nashville.

Andrew Jackson loved a good practical joke as well. While a law student in Salisbury, North Carolina, Jackson was chosen to manage the annual Christmas ball, an annual event of great importance in the small North Carolina town. As a joke, he invited two prostitutes to the ball, though few in attendance found the gesture as funny as Jackson did.

He was avid reader of newspapers and novels. His favorite book was "Vicar of Wakefield" by Oliver Goldsmith. Andrew Jackson maintained a large collection of pipes from around the world but rarely smoked anything but his corncob pipe. He claimed he liked the taste of the crude frontier pipe better than all the fancy ones he acquired as he rose to international prominence.

Jackson's profession was politics but it could also be counted as one of his major hobbies. After leaving the presidency in 1836 he remained very politically active from his home in Nashville. He played a major role in the election Martin Van Buren and James K. Polk to the White House before his death in 1845.