What Were the Accomplishments of Ivan the Great?

Ivan III, known as Ivan the Great, was best known for liberating Russia from the Mongol Tatars. He also captured a large amount of territory from Poland and the country now known as Finland, and established Moscow as the political center of Russia.

Ivan conquered and annexed the princedom of Novgorod from Lapland (now Finland) and proceeded to gradually expand this territory both through further conquests and through allegiances with other princedoms. The territory taken in this effort comprises all of present-day northern Russia. Ivan also won a number of towns in Poland during wars with King Alexander I of Lithuania. During his reign, Russia's total land holdings tripled.

Ivan began his reign with Russia still a part of the Mongol Tatar Empire, but in 1480 he openly revolted. The Mongol Horde was too weak to respond militarily and never again demanded tribute from Russia. Ivan also moved the government of Russia in a much more autocratic direction, largely removing the political influence of the boyars. Under his rule a new code of laws was implemented, walls were built around the Kremlin and a number of elaborate palaces and cathedrals were built within. Among these were the Assumption Cathedral and the Palace of the Facets.