What Is the Weirdest Job a President Had Before He Was Elected?

weirdest-job-president-before-elected Credit: Underwood Archives/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Though what can be considered 'weird' is subjective, perhaps the least presidential pre-presidency job was held by Ronald Reagan, who was a Hollywood movie star before rising quickly through the political ranks to become one of America's most controversial presidents. Most U.S. presidents have worked in government jobs in some capacity or another, either as military leaders or as lawyers. Though Reagan served as governor of California prior to becoming president, his most relevant work experience to qualify for the governorship was serving as the president of the Screen Actor's Guild, a union for working actors (a role some would consider ironic given Reagan's anti-union political stance).

Other potentially 'weird' presidential job titles include tailor and farmer. Andrew Johnson served as a tailor before serving a variety of more minor political roles, including state governor and U.S. senator, on his route to the presidency. Jimmy Carter was born on a farm and worked as a farmer, though he also attended the United States Naval Academy and was a military officer and the governor of Georgia before becoming president. Considering that many of the earliest U.S. presidents also worked on farms in addition to serving other military and government duties, this job title may not be quite so weird.