What Are Some Weird Native American Artifacts and Rocks?


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Some weird or unusual Native American artifacts and rocks include the stone palm protectors for pump drills, glass arrowheads, stone straightening tools and an odd vessel artifact according to the Western Artifacts Museum and the Native American Museum. The Museum of New Hampshire also has a mystery stone that was initially found in 1872 that may be a Native American artifact.

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The glass arrowheads are unique artifacts because they are some of the last items made using stone tools, according to the Western Artifacts Museum. When the colonial people made their way to North America, they introduced the Native Americans to glass items, including railroad glass and glass bottles. The Native Americans then made arrowheads from this glass. The colonial people taught the Native Americans how to use metal tools soon after their arrival, and then the Native Americans stopped making arrowheads by hand and instead used metal tools.

The odd vessel artifact was found by a couple walking along the shore in the Outer Banks in 2013. The vessel was taken to the Native American Museum where it was examined. The artifact was made from clay and the historian at the museum speculated that it had been "used to carry liquid medicines" such as herbs, according to the Native American Museum.

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