What Are Some Weapons Used by the Hopi Indians?

Hopi Indians frequently used spears, bows, arrows and carved rocks as weapons. The translation of "Hopi" into English means "peaceful person," and as such, the Hopi people did not often participate in acts of war. Nonetheless, the Hopi defended themselves from Spanish and Navajo attacks using bows, arrows and spears. A tool called an "atlatl" was sometimes attached to spears to increase its distance. Additionally, the Hopi began to use the rifle after contact with Europeans.

The Hopi carved rocks and animal bones to fashion arrowheads. They used bows and arrows, traps and large sticks when hunting deer, turkey and other small game. The Hopi were also farmers and used tools such as rakes, hoes and knives to cultivate their food.

One of the more notable Hopi assaults occurred during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The Hopi allied with neighboring Pueblo tribes in an attempt to end Spanish occupation of what is now Arizona and New Mexico. The Hopi attacked and looted Spanish churches, killing priests, Spanish soldiers and their Indian assistants. The churches were dismantled stone by stone, and Spanish livestock was distributed among Hopi clans. It took the Spanish nearly two decades to re-establish control over Hopi and Pueblo territory.