What Weapons Did Cro-Mangon People Use?

Cro-Magnon people are associated with the advent of relatively advanced weapons, including the spear thrower and toggle-head harpoons. These Cro-Magnon weapons are remarkable for their improvement upon basic spears.

As part of the Homo sapiens genus and species, Cro-Magnon people are considered early progenitors of today's contemporary humans. Existing in prehistoric times, Cro-Magnon people are said to have looked quite similar to contemporary humans. They made use of rudimentary technologies to create clothing and simple but relatively advanced tools and weapons using hard, readily available materials like wood and bone.

Cro-Magnon weapons included the spear thrower, or atlatl, which allowed these early humans to throw spears much farther than the arm alone. This meant that hunters could increase their own safety by maintaining a safe distance from prey.