What Weapons Did the Algonquin Employ?

The Algonquin employed bows and arrows, clubs, spears, knives and traps. Like most Native American weapons, the Algonquin's weapons were mostly made of wood and stone. During the French-Indian War, the Algonquin received steel knives and other weapons from the French to fight the Iroquois.

The Algonquin are a Native American tribe who lived in southern Quebec and eastern Ontario. They are a subgroup of the Algonquian peoples, a group of Native Americans who speak Algonquian languages. The Algonquin's closest allies were the Ojibway, Ottawa and Huron tribes. Although they traded furs with the Iroqoius, they were often at war with them.

The Algonquin often used ball-headed war clubs. These weapons were curved, asymmetrical clubs carved from one piece of wood. Knives were also a popular weapon and were mostly sharpened from stone, obsidian or flint. Like most Native American tribes, the Algonquin also used bows and arrows for both hunting game and fighting other tribes. Bows were mostly made of wood with strings made of springy animal sinew. Arrows were made of wood with arrowheads made form hard stone. The Algonquin built traps to catch large game such as deer. Instead of traditionally fishing with hooks, they used pronged spears to catch fish.