What Are Some Facts About Vietnam Veterans?

Some facts about Vietnam veterans are that over 9 million military personnel served during the official Vietnam conflict, but only 2.7 million of these veterans were in Vietnam itself and surrounding conflict areas. Compared to the population of the United States at the time, Vietnam veterans made up 9.7 percent of their generation.

During the Vietnam war, which lasted from August 1964 to May 1975, more than 58 thousand Americans died, while an additional 75 thousand became disabled. Of all the Americans killed during the war, 61 percent were younger than 21. The average age of killed service members during the war was 23.1 years.

During the Vietnam War, the United States involuntarily conscripted military-aged men into military service by use of the selective service system. However, approximately 70 percent of all those veterans killed in Vietnam were volunteer servicemen.

As of the U.S. Census of 200, the surviving population of Vietnam veterans was slightly over one million. Between 1995 and 2000, an average of 390 Vietnam veterans died per day. However, census data showed that over 12 million people falsely claimed that they deployed to Vietnam, while Department of Defense records put the official figure at approximately 2.7 million.