How Do Velcro Rollers Work?


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To use Velcro rollers, wash and condition your hair, use anti-frizz serum, divide your hair into sections and then apply one roller to each section of hair. Leave the rollers in your hair for at least an hour.

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  1. Prep your hair

    Start by washing and conditioning your hair, and then put some anti-frizz serum in your hair. Allow your hair to dry until it is about 90 percent dry. Your hair should be slightly damp to the touch so you can put the rollers in easily.

  2. Section and roll your hair

    Section your hair, and roll it onto the Velcro rollers. Make sure the sections of hair are small so they easily fit into the rollers. Place the roller at the bottom of the section, and roll it forward. Once you've rolled your entire head of hair, wait for the curls to set. It usually takes at least an hour.

  3. Remove the rollers and style your hair

    Take out your rollers once your hair is completely dry. Start by removing the rollers at the bottom of your hair first and working up to the top of your hair. Work slowly so the rollers don't get caught in your hair. After you've taken out all the rollers, use hair spray to add some volume to your curls.

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