What Are Some Facts About the USS North Carolina Battleship?

Facts about the USS North Carolina battleship include that it was active from 1941 through 1947 and was formidably armed. The ship was active in the Pacific Theater during World War Two and is now a state memorial site in Wilmington, North Carolina as of 2016.

The ship's keel was laid on Oct 27, 1937 and launched on June 13, 1940. At the time of her commission, she was armed with nine 16-inch/45 caliber guns and 20 5-inch/38 caliber guns. During wartime, more than 2,500 enlisted men and officers manned the boat.

Throughout the naval battles of the Pacific Ocean during World War Two, the USS North Carolina won 15 battle stars. Overall, the boat participated in nine land bombardments, destroyed a minimum of 24 enemy aircraft and sank one troopship. The boat was decommissioned in 1947 and placed in an inactive fleet until being scheduled for scrapping in 1958.

The Save Our Ship campaign was a state-wide effort by the residents of North Carolina to bring the USS North Carolina back to the state. In 1962, the ship was dedicated as a memorial to WWII veterans, including 11,000 North Carolinians who died during the conflict. As an active memorial, the moored boat continues to be the center of attention in events such as Battleship 101, the Batty Battleship's Halloween Bash and crew reunions.