Who Used the "Tippecanoe" in the Whigs Slogan During the 1840 Campaign?


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According to About.com, William Henry Harrison used the Tippecanoe reference in the Whigs slogan during his 1840 campaign for President. Harrison had been involved in the Battle of Tippecanoe almost three decades earlier, and its reference brought his war experience to the forefront.

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Songs and slogans using the Tippecanoe reference abounded in the campaign. Perhaps the most popular slogan was "Tippecanoe and Tyler too," referring to his running mate, John Tyler. The Battle of Tippecanoe took place on November 7, 1811, as part of Tecumseh's War. General Harrison commanded 1,000 troops against the Shawnee Indians. Harrison won the battle, but with heavy casualties to his men.

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