What Are Some Unique Ways Some of the States in the United States Were Named?


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Maryland's name is a tribute to Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of England's King Charles I, while Indiana's name comes from the historical forced migration of many American Indian tribes to the Ohio River Valley region. Each state in the United States has a unique history behind its naming.

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What Are Some Unique Ways Some of the States in the United States Were Named?
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Alaska's name comes from an Aleut word, "alaxsxaq," which loosely translates to "mainland." Alaska was technically not the native land of the Aleut people. The Aleuts were island dwellers residing on the nearby Aleut Islands.

The word "Florida" derives from the Spanish phrase "pascus florida," which means "feast of flowers." Conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon of Spain landed on Florida six days after Easter in the year 1513. He chose the phrase "pascus florida" because he felt it represented the rejuvenation of plant life he experienced on the day of his landing.

Georgia's name relates to England's King George II. During the early 1700s, the British Parliament investigated the terrible conditions experienced in Britain's debtor prisons. Non-violent criminals who were deemed worthy were given residence in the state of Georgia to get back on their feet. The grateful Georgians decided to name their new home Georgia to honor the forgiving King George II.

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