What Is the U.S. Presidential Timeline?

The United States presidential time line offers a chronological history of each president's years in office, as well as major changes or events in U.S. history during each presidency. Some of the time lines also include birth dates, home towns and life events of each president. The U.S. presidential time line provides quick, easily accessible facts and information over the course of a specified amount of time, and is appropriate for students of all ages.

Many of the historical events covered on a presidential time line took place during times of war, crisis, evolution or other change in the United States. These events led to outcomes that are typically included further down a presidency time line.

As of 2015, educators across the country are developing students' critical and historical thinking, as well as promoting their civic engagement, with The Presidential Timeline Project. The project involves a presidential time line website, summer activities and online lessons. Information for The National Archives is also available, and students can search historical content and verified sources. The University of Texas at Austin provides maintenance of the website.

The original Presidential Timeline Project debuted on Presidents’ Day in 2007, and was funded, in coordination with the LBJ Foundation, by grants from the United States Department of Education and the National Endowment for the Humanities. In 2013, The National Archives began providing funding for the continuation of the project.