What Types of People Lived in Colonial Georgia?

People that lived in colonial Georgia included northern Europeans, Caribbean natives, Africans, people from the Mediterranean and some Native Americans. Georgia gained citizens from other colonies in the United States as well. It also saw Spanish influence as Spanish explorers moved into the region, bringing trade and Spanish traditions.

In addition to coming from diverse backgrounds, the inhabitants of colonial Georgia brought unique skills and practices from their native lands. The northern Europeans, primarily English, established an agricultural system in Georgia. They planted crops and produce, harvested trees and even produced goods such as olive oil.

The English, like many Europeans, entered Georgia during the time of the Trusteeship, which lasted from 1732 to 1752. They received financial packages for relocating to Georgia and serving as laborers. In the early to mid-1750s, settlers arrived in Georgia from distant locations, including Africa and British American colonies. The crop of new migrants from the British Isles and British territories were younger and wealthier than their ancestors. They brought African slaves with them to the new colony, which increased Georgia's population from roughly 3,500 in the early 1750s to just under 30,000 by the 1770s. In the 1760s, migration to Georgia flowed primarily from within the United States. Colonists in North Carolina and other territories moved south to Georgia, as did people of diverse religious backgrounds.