What Types of Parasites Are People in the United States Infected With?


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Common parasitic infections in the United States include toxoplasma gondii, cysticercosis and trichomoniasis. Chagas disease and toxocariasis are also parasitic infections present in the United States.

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Transmission of toxoplasma occurs through cats feces or unwashed produce. The parasitic infection can cause swollen lymph nodes and muscle aches. Cysticercosis is a condition that people contract by eating undercooked pork, which can contain tapeworm larvae. After ingestion, the tapeworms can live in the body.

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted parasite. Antibiotics typically treat trichomoniasis. The parasite Trypanosoma cruzi causes chagas disease, which the triatomine bug carries, while cats and dogs carry toxocariasis. Toxocariasis infection can result in roundworms living in the infected person's body.

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