What Type of Homes Did the Anasazi Community Build, and What Was Their Defense Mechanism?

The Anasazi community built their homes, the famed cliff dwellings, into the mountainsides with but a single exit for defense purposes.These people could carry out all the aspects of living within these dwellings except growing of crops and hunting.

As Europe emerged from chaos in the centuries following the year 1000, tribes were roaming the countryside, an act that evoked fear to some peasants. The Anasazi community was among these tribes, and they managed to build cities in the rock faces of the modern Southwest.

Within these cliffs or rock faces, this community dug holes known as Kiva that acted as temples for their god, the ancient Anasazi. The sides of these cliffs provided a conducive environment for this community to built sleeping areas. In addition, water was available through the porous cracks that were present on the walls.

With time, the civilization of the Anasazi community declined because of the decline in their resources and the constant attacks by their enemies, some of which were the hostile tribes. Their cliff dwellings were very durable because for over 800 years, they have stood the exposure to the harsh weather elements. Today, visitors marvel at these accomplishments at various national parks including the Canyon De Chelly National Park and Mesa Verde National Park.