What Type of Food Did Natchez Indians Eat?

Natchez Indians primarily ate things they grew. They also hunted, fished and gathered things from the surrounding area. Like most Indians, the Natchez didn't waste food, consuming as much of a plant or a kill as possible.

Natchez Indians were farmers. They grew corn, beans, squash and pumpkins. Corn was eaten in many forms, such as cornbread, hominy, popcorn and corn on the cob. Eggs and other fruits and vegetables were also part of the Natchez diet.

Like almost all other tribes, the Natchez hunted for meat. Deer and rabbit were common food items. Large game, such as buffalo, was also hunted. Wild turkeys, ducks, geese and other birds were food staples. Snares, traps and ambush scenarios enabled Natchez Indians to hunt game alone or in a group.

Fishing the rivers, lakes and coastal areas provided another source of meat for the Natchez. Spears, traps, blow-guns, harpoons and nets were used to catch fish. Hunting and fishing were the main ways to obtain meat, as most Indian tribes did not raise animals for food.

Gathering was another important method of getting food for the Natchez Indians. They picked anything they found in the environment that was edible. Blueberries, nuts, acorns, honey, strawberries, greens and roots were commonly gathered and eaten.