What Type of Clothing Was Popular With Mohawk Indians?

What Type of Clothing Was Popular With Mohawk Indians?

The Mohawk traditionally wore simple clothing made of animal skins. Mohawk summer clothing was minimal, consisting of breechcloths for men and a skirt or tunic for women. Both men and women wore soft, hide moccasins year round. In colder weather the Mohawk added leggings, shirts and hide coats to their outfits for warmth.

The Mohawk used skins from a variety of local animals for their clothing, such as deer, raccoon, beaver, otter and moose, which the Mohawk hunted or trapped.The Mohawk ornamented most of their clothing with quills and painted designs.

Unlike the long headdresses of some other native American tribes, the Mohawk wore simple, feathered-cap headdressess. These feathered caps showed different insignia for each tribe. Some Mohawk women also wore beaded tiaras. Mohawk men shaved all but a central band of hair during times of war. As of 2015, this hairstyle continues to be known as a mohawk.

After contact with Europeans during the colonial era, the Mohawk traded for and adopted aspects of European clothing, such as cloth shirts and blouses, which they often decorated with beadwork and ribbon.

Modern Mohawk occasionally continue to wear traditional clothing, especially during traditional ceremonies or dances; however, most wear modern clothes at all other times.