What Type of Clothing Did Seneca Native Americans Wear?

Seneca clothing generally consisted of garments made from buckskin and animal hides, with men typically wearing breechcloths and leggings with no shirts, and women wearing shorter leggings, wrap-around skirts and longer tunics. Both men and women wore moccasins and heavy robes made from hides in winter.

Men preparing for battle often donned headgear in the form of a short cap or band bearing the crest of their tribe and ancestors, often with a single eagle feather standing erect at the center of the head. Men often shaved their heads, leaving a strip of hair down the center in the style known in modern times as a “Mohawk.” They also painted their faces and bodies with tribal tattoos before heading into battle.

After exposure to European settlers, many Seneca adopted clothing of the Europeans including shirts for men and blouses decorated with bead work and ribbon appliqués for women.