What Type of Clothing Did the Huron Indians Wear?


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The Huron Indian tribe wore clothing consisting of deerskin tops, loincloths, skirts, leggings and moccasin shoes. They were known to wear colorful attire, and they wore fur in the winter to stay warm.

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The Huron tribe commonly painted different colorful designs on their clothing and would fringe parts of their leggings, skirts and shirts. Some of their earliest forms of clothing were created from birch bark. To add extra flair, the Huron Indians added strips of fur made from deerskin or beaver to their attire. These strips were normally dyed red.

Men wore breechclouts, leggings, shirts, long cloaks, and shoulder- to waist-length mantles. Women wore dresses, cloaks and wraparound skirts. Aside from clothing, they would decorate their skin, focusing mainly on the face. To make the paint, they used vegetable and mineral dyes combined with bear fat or sunflower oil. Common colors they made were red, green, violet and black.

Fur was a normal part of the Huron Indians' clothing choices as well. The Huron Indians were famous for their involvement in the fur trade, trading with Samuel de Champlain, founder of New France, for European goods. Their ties with the European trade influenced their clothing choices, and the Huron tribe eventually began to adapt a European style of dress.

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