What Type of Clothing Did the Ho-Chunk Tribe Wear?

Prior to European contact, the Ho-Chunk Native American people traditionally wore clothes made of tanned hides and woven fibers, typically decorated with dyed quills or feathers. Men's clothing included a breechclout, leggings and moccasins year-round, with shirts and robes added during colder weather. Women wore a hide dress as well as the same leggings and moccasins.

The male Ho-Chunk breechclout, a similar garment in many other Native American tribes, consisted of a long strip of hide worn between the legs. Each end of the garb was secured under a belt, then hung over in the front and back. The ends were traditionally decorated.

The leggings and moccasins worn by both sexes, also made of hide, were fashioned differently. The former was made by sewing the long edges of a rectangular piece leather, wider at the top than the bottom. Men's leggings reached from the hip to the ankle, while women's only extended from the knee down. The moccasin was formed from a single piece of hide, seamed up the back.

Womens' dresses were formed from two full skins, sewn on each long side together to form a sleeveless tube that was typically belted and reached from the shoulders to the knees.