What Type of Clothing Did the Algonquian People Wear?

Algonquian clothing varied according to the season and geographic region in which they lived but generally consisted of animal furs, skins and hides, as well as fibrous material from corn husks, trees and leaves. Men and women traditionally wore moccasins made from smoked and tanned skins and hides as footwear.

The Algonquin were one of North America’s most populous and geographically distributed groups who inhabited areas along the Atlantic coast from New England to the Carolinas, as well as throughout Canada and the central United States. Tribe locations stretched as far west as Oklahoma and Wyoming. Clothing depended on the season and availability of animals and plants. Deer and elk were the most commonly used animals.

The Algonquin generally used thread made from animal sinew and needles made from deer bone to sew hides and skins. Men and women both wore robes or tunics and leggings made from the hides and skins. Women wore skirts tied at the waist, and men wore loin cloths in warm weather. Cold weather attire consisted of hats, cloaks, robes and mittens made from fur and thicker hides. They also used stones, shells, porcupine quills and feathers for decoration.