How Do You Find Transcripts of Presidential Addresses?

How Do You Find Transcripts of Presidential Addresses?

Find transcripts of presidential addresses on the Internet on presidential speech transcript sites. One of the most comprehensive of these sites is Miller Center run by the University of Virginia. There, users can look up speeches and addresses by presidents dating all the way back to George Washington.

Besides offering full transcripts of presidential speeches, the Miller Center offers many presidential addresses in audio and video form.

  1. Visit the Miller Center website
  2. Click on the About tab at the top of the page on the Miller Center homepage.

  3. Click Presidential Speech Archive
  4. Scroll down the list. Toward the middle of the page is a box with the header Programs. Click on Presidential Speech Archive. This opens a new page.

  5. Click on the president's name
  6. Scroll through the list of the United States presidents and click on the name.

  7. Select a speech from the list
  8. Select the speech from the list that appears under each president's name. This opens up a new window with a transcript of the speech.

Users will find a small icon next to each speech title. This icon shows the format of each speech and varies from a written transcript to an audio or video file. Speeches vary from inaugural speeches to State of the Union addresses.