What Are the Top 10 Facts About the Famous Explorer Henry Hudson?

Some of the top 10 facts about Henry Hudson are that he was born in England around 1565 and died in Hudson Bay, Canada. Other facts include the fact that his first journey as a ship commander took place in June 1607.

The top 10 facts about Henry Hudson are:

  1. He was born around 1565, although some historians may place his birth date in the early 1570s.
  2. He was born in England, United Kingdom.
  3. He died around June 22nd 1611. The death is approximate, as Hudson and his son were abandoned by a crew following a mutiny, and were never heard from again. Upon arriving back in England, those responsible were arrested, but no charges were brought against them.
  4. Hudson worked as a cabin boy from a young age, which sparked his interest in exploring.
  5. His wife was named Katherine, and they had three sons together.
  6. Although Hudson's exploration of Greenland failed because of ice, he did discover and report back on a field of whales, which opened up new hunting opportunities.
  7. In 1609 he joined the Dutch East India Company and was in charge of a ship called the Half Moon.
  8. When his exploration of Russia failed because of ice, he turned around and explored the western passage to the Orient rather than returning home.
  9. When visiting Nova Scotia, he was able to trade with some of the local Indians.
  10. While he was traveling to the Netherlands, the English seized his ship and prevented him from working with the Dutch again, forcing him to turn to English investors instead.