What Is the Timeline for Pedro Alvares Cabral's Key Explorations?


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Pedro Alvares Cabral left Lisbon, Portugal, on March 9, 1500, with a small fleet, bound for Calicut, India. The 10 carracks and three caravals sailed south on the Atlantic Ocean for over a month. On April 22nd of the same year, the northeast coast of Brazil was sighted, makring the first European discovery of the land.

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The fleet stayed anchored off the coast of Brazil from April 22nd to May 2nd or 3rd, taking on supplies and interacting with the indigenous Tupiniquim people. Cabral claimed the land in the name of Portugal, sending a ship back to the home country to notify King Manual I of the discovery.

After leaving, the fleet sailed east, past Africa's Cape of Good Hope. Turning northward, a severe storm sank four ships, killing 380 crew and scattering the remainder of Cabral's flotilla into several groups that later regrouped near the Horn of Africa. Cabral stopped several times along the African west coast, unsuccessfully attempting to negotiate trade agreements with the indigenous people.

Sailing northeast, the fleet arrived in Calicut on September 13, 1500, after stopping in Anjadip for provisions. Once in India, Cabral bargained with the ruler of the city to set up a warehouse and factory. The Portugeuese crew stayed in Calicut through December of that year, when on the 16th or 17th, they were attacked by Hindu Indians and Muslim Arabs.

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