What Are Some Time-Saving Tech Gadgets Introduced in the 2010s?


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Powermat, Amazon Echo, power banks and video camera pens are some time-saving tech gadgets introduced in the 2010s. Powermat is a gadget that allows wireless charging of electronic devices. It eliminates the need for power cables and electric outlets. Phones and other smart devices are charged by just placing the device on the Powermat. It allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and hence saves time. For example, Duracell Powermat can charge up to three portable devices at once.

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A wireless speaker and voice command device, Amazon Echo was released on Nov. 6, 2014 and is designed to facilitate multitasking. The device can be controlled by voice commands, and performs various functions such as preparing to-do lists, playing music, playing audio books, streaming podcasts and setting alarms. The device also comes handy in accessing real-time information, including that of weather and traffic. It can also be used to control smart devices.

Power banks are mainly used to charge portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. A power bank stores energy in its in-built batteries and then uses this stored energy to supply USB power to electronic devices. This allows users to charge their electronic devices on the go and saves them time as they do not have to sit at a place and wait for the device to charge. It is also easy to carry as it comes in numerous sizes and shapes.

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