What Are the Three Key Technological Inventions Made in 1997?


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Three key technological inventions in 1977 include in-vitro fertilization, the MRI scanner and the inkjet printer, according to the History Learning Site. Each has profoundly impacted the industry associated with it.

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In-vitro fertilization made pregnancy possible for women with structural fallopian tube or uterine defects that prevent egg fertilization. The procedure involves removing an egg from the mother's ovaries, manually fertilizing it with sperm and implanting the egg in the mother's uterus.

MRI imaging gives physicians a clear picture of the body's anatomy and function. The technology offered unprecedented image clarity, which increased physicians' ability to accurately diagnose and stage disease.

The inkjet printer put high-quality document and image printing within reach of consumers. Older technologies either produced low-quality results or were too expensive for most consumers to purchase.

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